Safer iPhone™ Dialing

Version 2.0 - Available Now!

What is TapTapDial?

TapTapDial is an application that lets you dial your iPhone™ without having to look at the screen.

If you find it difficult to dial your iPhone while driving, TapTapDial allows you to keep your eyes on the road for the entire dialing operation. You never need to look at the iPhone screen to place your call!

TapTapDial is also useful for people with impaired vision, or in situations where you need to watch something while you also place a call.

There are many dialing solutions for the iPhone... however, TapTapDial is superior for the following reasons:

  • Unlike 'voice recognition' dialers TapTapDial works in any sound environment, loud or quiet.
  • Unlike 'gesture based' dialers TapTapDial does not require you to learn any complex gestures. Only tapping, left swipe, right swipe, and up (or down) swipes are used - nothing more.
  • Unlike 'selection based' dialers such as the iPhones native dialer, TapTapDial does not require you to know exactly where you are tapping and does not require you to peer at the screen to make sure you select the desired favorite or digit.
Current version 2.0 - available SOON - New Features:
  • Totally redesigned graphics
  • Full resolution for both iPhone 4 and older iPhones
  • New Nebula animated background
  • Fully compatible with iOS 4.0

Version 1.3 - available December 15 2009 - New Features:

  • Added 'iPhone' as a mobile phone type
  • Rearranged the user edit menu
  • Added an optional 10 minute auto-quit featured

Version 1.2 - available June 23 2009 - New Features:

  • Adds support for the international '+' sign and dialing.

Version 1.1.0 - available April 17 2009 - New Features:

  • Corrects a missing graphic when started with no favorites
  • If you have less than 10 favorites, tapping the '10 taps' area will bring you to your last favorite
  • If you have more than 10 favorites, you can get to your last favorite by tapping '10 taps' until you overshoot
  • A user requested feature - you can now dim the screen. This is enabled through the settings screen. When enabled, swipe the very top TapTapDial logo left/right to dim/brighten the screen
  • Left swipe from the main screen has been corrected to NOT last number redial (only right swipe should do that)

TapTapDial Requirements

  • Compatible with iOS version 4.0 and higher
  • User must have the ability to distinguish left from right, and up from down
  • User must have at least one finger, or toe (or elbow, nose, etc)

Basic TapTapDial Features

TapTapDial has the following basic features:

  • TapTapDial Favorites - Setup your TapTapDial Favorites right from your Address Book (from within TapTapDial). Once you select your favorites from your Address Book you can modify the names, numbers, and other information without affecting your Address Book. You can also reorder the favorites at any time.
  • Dial Any Number - Not only can you dial your favorites, you can also TapTapDial any number you wish, up to 32 digits long.
  • No-look dialing - TapTapDial divides the screen in half, vertically. The top half allows you to dial favorites, the bottom half allows you to dial any number. This simple solution lets your fingers intuitively know where they are. Once your initial tap into the top half or bottom half is made, the entire screen becomes tapable for the rest of the digits.
  • Audio feedback - TapTapDial provides audio feedback of the favorite or phone number you are about to call. While tapping a favorite, any pause in tapping will have the favorite number spoken, followed by the initials of the person, and then followed by the label (e.g., Mobile, Home, etc). When tapping a phone number, each digit is spoken as it is tapped.
  • Visual feedback - While the entire point to TapTapDial is not having to look at your iPhone screen, TapTapDial also provides visual confirmation about the number and person you are dialing. Not only is the name and number shown for each tap (or the digit shown for each digit), the current tap or digit is also shown in huge text and quickly faded out.
  • Easy Editing - While tapping favorites or a number to dial, TapTapDial lets you undo mistakes with a simple left swipe. The entire dialing operation can be canceled with a simple right swipe.
  • Last Favorites Redial - TapTapDial remembers the last favorite person you dialed, and lets you redial that person with a single right-swipe gesture to the Favorites area (top half).
  • Last Number Redial - TapTapDial also remembers the last phone number (non-favorite) you dialed and lets you redial that number with a single right-swipe gesture to the Any Number area (bottom half).
  • Works in the Left Hand, Right Hand, in a Car Mount, or in the Dock - TapTapDial is engineered to work from just about any position. Left handed people will find it just as easy to use as right handed people. TapTapDial also works great in a hands-free car holder or even right from your belt clip or pocket without having to remove the phone. You can even TapTapDial with your toes!
  • Custom Settings - TapTapDial gives you control over most of the features such as audio, visual animations, dialing delays, and more. Do you find audio annoying? Just turn it off!
  • Dimable Screen - With version 1.1.0 TapTapDial lets you dim or brighten the screen - great for night time driving and use!
  • Animated Nebula Background - With version 2.0 TapTapDial now features a soothing animated nebula background. The background will slowly and constantly animate with a continully shifting nebula image. (You can turn the animation off in settings.).

Using TapTapDial - The Tutorial

The TapTapDial Main Screen

Once TapTapDial launches and fully loads it will speak the words "Tap Tap" (this can be turned off). This lets you know that TapTapDial is ready to accept your dialing instructions.

At the very top left of the screen is a gear icon. Tap this to bring up the Settings view which lets you customize many of the features of TapTapDial.

At the very top right of the screen is a heart icon. Tap this to bring up your TapTapDial Favorites which allows you to add, delete, and modify your TapTapDial Favorites list.

The rest of the screen is divided in half, vertically (up/down). The top half lets you dial from your Favorites. The bottom half lets you dial any number you wish. (see more below)

Setting Up TapTapDial Favorites

Before you can use TapTapDial to call your favorites list, you must first set up your TapTapDial Favorites.

Note, while TapTapDial lets you access your iPhone address book from within TapTapDial, due to SDK restrictions TapTapDial can not access your existing phone book favorites, so you need to set up your desired favorites within TapTapDial.

To set up your favorites, tap the red heart icon in the upper right corner. The first time you do this you will go to a page that says "No favorites defined".

To add a new TapTapDial Favorite, tap the green plus sign in the upper right corner of the Favorites view, you will then see your address book appear.

Select the desired contact from your Address Book and TapTapDial will show you only the phone numbers for that person.

Select the desired phone number and TapTapDial will add that to your TapTapDial Favorites and will return you to the Favorites view.

To cancel the Address Book view, simply tap the Cancel button in the upper right corner. To view your contacts, tap the All Contacts in the upper left corner.

Continue to add your desired contacts to your TapTapDial Favorites until you have the desired set. Note that the order you add them in is the order of the favorites - for example, the first favorite you add will be favorite #1, the next, #2, and so forth.

When you are finished defining your favorites tap the blue arrow in the upper left corner of the Favorites view to return to the main TapTapDial page.

You can add as many TapTapDial Favorites as you wish. If you add more than fits on the screen, simply flick up or down to scroll the list as you would in your Address Book.

Note that with version 1.2, TapTapDial will now correctly handle any phone numbers with preceeding international + symbols.

Modifying TapTapDial Favorites

To modify any of your TapTapDial Favorites first tap the red heart icon to access the Favorites view.

Next, tap the desired favorite to modify from your TapTapDial Favorites list.

Once you tap the desired favorite you will see a page that allows you to modify the Details for the favorite. If the favorite is a person, you will see their first name, middle name, last name, and suffix (such as Jr, or Sr, etc). If the favorite is an organization, you will see the organization name.

You will also see the phone number, and a scrollbar containing this phones label (mobile, home, etc).

Near the bottom of the Details view is the current position along with two arrows marked Up and Down.

You can change any of the fields. Clicking the organization or person's names will bring up a keyboard and allow you to change those fields. Likewise, you can also change the label by scrolling to a different lable such as Home, Work, etc.

To move the position of this favorite in the favorites list, use the Up and Down arrows. Keep in mind that moving the favorite changes the number of taps required to dial it, and also changes the order of the ones around it.

If you wish to delete this favorite, tap the red X in the upper right corner. Keep in mind that all favorites below this one will now be numbered one lower then they were (e.g., if you deleted favorite #2, favorite #3 will now be favorite #2, etc).

Once you are finished making changes, tap the blue arrow in the upper left corner to return to your Favorites View.

Please note that modifying your TapTapDial Favorites, or even deleting them, in no way affects your Address Book favorites. TapTapDial Favorites are totally separate from your normal iPhone favorites list.

Dialing A TapTapDial Favorite

To dial a TapTapDial Favorite, you need to tap the screen the same number of times as the favorite number. For example, if you want to dial Favorite #3, you will tap the screen three times.

Don't worry, you don't have to tap the screen 30 times to get to favorite #30 - TapTapDial provides a shortcut for that... see more on this below.

For favorite dialing, you need to tap the top half of the screen. As soon as you do, the tap will be recorded and the lower half will join the top half. After this first tap, you can tap anywhere (top or bottom) on the screen to continue your taps.

If you tap quickly, you will hear a click with each tap. If you pause, TapTapDial will speak the favorite number, and then the initials of the name (for example, if the name is David Cook, it will say "D C"), and then the label (e.g., Home, Mobile, etc). This is an audible confirmation of where you are.

You can continue tapping until you are at your desired favorite.

If you overshoot (tap too many times), swipe the screen from right to left to decrement your favorite. For example, if you wanted #5, but you over-tapped and got #6, swipe from right to left to decrement it to #5.

If you wish to cancel dialing, swipe from left to right. The program will say "Canceled".

Tapping big number shortcut...
You will note that the Favorites dialing view is divided also left and right. The right most area is for 10 taps. If you have, say, 30 favorites, you wouldn't want to have to tap the screen 30 times. If you wanted to dial, for example, favorite #23, you can accomplish this by tapping the right side (labeled "10 taps") twice (giving you 20, 10 for each tap) and then the left larger side 3 times, for a total of 23. In that way, 5 simple taps quickly gets you to your favorite #23.

If you have less than 10 favorites defined, and you tap the 10 taps area you will be taken to the last favorite on your list (you can then swipe left if you want to go down the list from there).

Likewise, if you have, say, 23 favorites, you can also simply tap the 10 taps area 3 times. This overshoots to 30 and will return the last favorite on your list (in this case, 23).

Placing the call...
When you are ready to place the call, swipe either up, or down (it doesn't matter which) and TapTapDial will invoke the phone dialer and will place the call.

Note that once you have finished the call, the iPhone dialer will not return you to TapTapDial. This is the behavior dictated by Apple for security reasons. To make another call from TapTapDial simply close the iPhone dialer and reopen TapTapDial.

Dialing Any Number

You can also use TapTapDial to dial any number you wish. To do this start your initial tap in the lower half of the screen. As soon as you do, the tap will be recorded and the upper half will join the bottom half. After this first tap, you can tap anywhere (top or bottom) on the screen to continue your taps.

Just as the Favorites area is divided left to right, so is the Any Number area. The larger left side lets you dial any of the digits 1 through 9. The right smaller area lets you dial the zero digit (hard to tap zero times, right?).

So, if we want to dial the number "555 3109" you would first tap the screen 5 times and then pause until you hear the program say "5". You would then repeat this for each of the digits. For the zero, you would tap the right side of the screen once.

If you make a mistake, swipe from right to left to remove the most recent digit. For example, if you were trying to enter "555" but you accidently entered "556" simply swipe from right to left once, and the last "6" will be removed and the voice prompt will say "5 5". You can then continue adding to the number.

You can cancel the entire dialing operation by swiping from left to right.

When you are ready to place the call, swipe either up, or down (it doesn't matter which) and the phone number will be sent to the iPhone dialer.

You can also dial an international number. To indicate a leading international plus sign (+) start your number by swiping up. The phone will say "international" and the leading plus sign will appear.

Redialing Recent Numbers

TapTapDial keeps track of both the most recent favorite you dialed, as well as the most recent non-favorite phone number you dialed.

To redial your most recent favorite, make sure you are on the main screen and have not entered any digits or taps (if you have, swipe right to cancel). To redial your most recent favorite, swipe right in the favorites area. The last dialed favorite number will be shown and spoken. To dial it, swipe up or down. To cancel, swipe to the right again. You can modify it by swiping left or adding more taps.

To redial your most recent non-favorite number, simply do the above action but swipe to the right in the lower half of the screen, and your most recent non-favorite number will be displayed and spoken. Again, edit as normal and swipe up or down to dial or swipe right again to cancel.

Customizing TapTapDial

You can customize many aspects of TapTapDial by tapping the little gear icon in the upper left corner of the main screeen.

The following features are customizable:

  • Voice Greeting - When TapTapDial launches, once it is fully loaded and ready to receive taps, it speaks "Tap Tap". This lets you know that the program is ready to go. You can turn this initial voice greeting off by setting the switch to the red position, or on (default) by setting the switch to the green position.
  • Voice Prompts - When you pause while tapping, TapTapDial will speak the digit or number of taps you currently have entered. If you are tapping out a Favorite, it will also speak the initials of the person and the label (Home, Mobile, etc). You can turn this voice announcement off by setting the switch to the red position, or on (default) by setting it to the green position.

    Note: Turning both Voice Greeting and Voice Prompts off turns off all vocal messages.

  • Tap Sound - Each time you 'tap' to dial a favorite or number, TapTapDial will 'click' to indicate it received the tap. You can turn this off by setting the switch to the red position, or on (default) by setting it to the green position.
  • Slower Delay - TapTapDial only speaks the number of taps or the digit you are on once it senses a delay of 1 second. This is also how you move to the next digit of a non-favorite phone number (by pausing for 1 second between taps). By default this setting is on the red side - which indicates 1 second delay to speaking. If you switch it to the green position you double the delay to 2 seconds - use this setting if you are slower on your taps.
  • Delay To Dial - By default this option is turned off and we do not recommend turning it on until you become accustomed to using TapTapDial. When turned off (red position), to actually dial the number or favorite you have entered you must swipe up or down (doesn't matter which).

    If you turn this option on (green) the program will AUTOMATICALLY dial the favorite or number if you pause twice the normal delay amount. For example, if "Slower Delay" is set to 1 second, then pausing 2 seconds will automatically start the dial. If "Slower Delay" is set to 2 seconds, then pausing 4 seconds will automatically start the dial. You can still swipe up or down to start dialing before the delayed amount.

    We do not recommend this mode unless you are familiar with using TapTapDial. Novice users may find that it may tend to dial before you may be ready.

  • Visual Numbers - Each time you tap a favorite, or a digit, TapTapDial shows the favorite, or current digit, as a huge number that quickly fades out. This lets you see, at a glance, exactly what digit you created. However, if you would rather not see the animated large digit, set this option to the red position.
  • Brightness Swipe - This option defaults to OFF. When off, the screen is as bright as possible. If you turn this option ON, you can dim and brighten the screen. See the section below discussing night-time mode.
  • 10 Minute Auto-Quit - This option defaults to OFF. When off, the program runs as normal and continues to run. If you turn this option ON, after 10 minutes of idle time (no touches to the display) the program will popup an alert message that says it will stop running in a few seconds. If you do nothing, the program will automatically terminate. If you hit "OK" on the alert message, the idle timer will be reset for another 10 minutes and the program will continue to run. This feature was added at the request of a user to avoid the problem of forgetting that the program was still running after a period of time.
  • Moving Background - This option defaults to ON. When on, the Nebula background moves in realtime presenting ever-changing nebula clouds. If you find this annoying, turn this option to OFF. When OFF, the clouds will be frozen in the most recent position. (Note that it may take a few seconds for the clouds to stop moving once you turn them OFF.). Turn them back ON to start them moving again.
  • TAP TAP DIAL SUPPORT - This bar, at the bottom of the settings page, takes you to this website.
When you are done adjusting settings simply hit the blue arrow at the top left of the screen to return to the main page.
Night-time Mode

With version 1.1.0 of TapTapDial you can now dim and brighten the screen. This makes it more comfortable to use at night and in other darkness situations.

Prior to using Night-time mode you must first turn it on (it is off by default). Go to the Settings view and tap the Brightness Swipe setting so that it is ON (green).

Once Brightness Swipe is turned on, you can adjust the brightness of the display from any screen.

To darken the screen, position your finger over the Tap Tap Dial logo at the very top of the screen and swipe to the left.

To brighten the screen, swipe to the right in the same area.

As the screen darkens, the very top part, with the logo, remains bright so you can easily see where to swipe to brighten the screen again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about TapTapDial? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

  • I upgraded my iPhone to 3.1.2 and now it no longers returns to Tap Tap Dial after I place a call.
    This is a change that Apple put into the 3.1.2 version of the iPhone OS. If you read the next FAQ on 3.0, Apple did away with the requirement to "confirm you are going to place the call". However, they now no longer return the user to the original program, instead - they put you into the phone dialer. There is no way for us to override it or change this. Hopefully Apple will address this in a future update to the iPhone software.
  • I upgraded my iPhone to 3.0 and now it requires me to confirm the call
    Note the FAQ right above this on 3.1.2. This FAQ is only valid if you have not upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1 or 3.1.2. This is a change that Apple put into the 3.0 version of the iPhone OS. We recommend you upgrade your iPhone to the latest version.
  • I can't seem to get TapTapDial to dial international numbers
    This has been corrected in version 1.2 of TapTapDial which was released on June 23, 2009.
  • Where is the best place to put TapTapDial?
    We recommend putting the TapTapDial application in either the lower left or the lower right of your iPhone dock. That way you can turn your iPhone on, and launch TapTapDial without having to look at your iPhone. We personally like the TapTapDial icon on the very lower left of the dock, with the phone icon next to it.
  • Why doesn't TapTapDial use my Address Book Favorites?
    The SDK currently provides a method for accessing your Address Book, but not your Favorites. This means that TapTapDial needs you to set up your own TapTapDial Favorites prior to dialing. TapTapDial makes this easy by allowing you to select your desired favorite numbers directly from your Address Book (within TapTapDial).
  • TapTapDial doesn't wait for me to swipe up/down to dial
    This indicates you have turned on "Delay To Dial" in the settings view. This option turns on a delay that once exceeded, automatically dials the number. If you are a novice TapTapDial user, you should probably keep this option off (red). It is off by default. When off, dial by swiping up or down.
  • Why doesn't the program speak the persons entire name?
    When dialing a favorite, TapTapDial speaks the favorite position number, the INITIALS of the person or organization name, and the label of the number (e.g., Mobile, etc). We have provided all the vocal words as .wav files. However, at this time the voice can not speak full 'unknown' words (such as names).
  • For a seemingly simple application, why is it so big?
    The size of the current TapTapDial application is around 3 megabytes. Almost all of this is taken to hold the audio spoken words.
  • I have over 1000 favorites. Why does it speak favorites over 999 differently?
    You are kidding, right? More than 1000 favorites? How do you remember them all? TapTapDial will speak all favorites under 1000 as the number names. For example Favorite #925 will be spoken as "nine hundred twenty five". Favorites over 999 are spoken as individual digits, for example, #1023 would be "one zero two three".

TapTapDial Support

Have questions or suggestions for new features? Want to tell us how TapTapDial has been useful to you? We love to hear your feedback! Please contact us by sending EMail to dcook@cookwareinc.com

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