Remote Monitor all of your
OSXTM, Linux, and Unix Servers
From your iPhoneTM
  • Monitors CPU load
  • Monitors disk partitions
  • Monitors important processes
  • Monitors available users
  • Monitor any number of servers
  • Audio/Vibration trouble alerts
  • Highly customizable
  • Ping diagnostics
  • Graphs CPU load over time
  • Free server-side code with source
  • Access via cgi-bin or stand-alone server


ULTRA MONITOR is a combination of the ULTRA MONITOR iPhone application and the free server side UM code (with source).

ULTRA MONITOR lets you use your iPhone to monitor any number of remote OSX, Linux, and Unix servers from anywhere in the world.

Monitor CPU load, disk partition used and free space, important processes, and logged-in users. Limits can be set for CPU, disk space, and processes and alarms will be issued if any of the limits are exceeded.

Both the server side code and the iPhone application are highly customizable and allow you to tailor the information that is delivered and the alarm limits that are set for each type of data.

The server side code can run either as a cgi-bin to your existing web server, or as a standalone server running on any port you desire. If run as a CGI, either secure (https) or regular (http) protocol can be used. The complete source code (server-side) is provided at no cost.


BEFORE YOU PURCHASE the ULTRA MONITOR iPhone application, you should first ensure that the free server side code we provide works on the servers you wish to monitor.

  1. Click here to go to our Server Setup page.
  2. Download the latest ULTRA MONITOR server side code.
  3. Follow the instructions to setup the server side code.
  4. Test the server side code with the built-in TEST function.

Once you have successfully completed the above steps and confirmed that the server side code works on your servers, you can go ahead and purchase the iPhone application code.


Please use the following links to find more information about ULTRA MONITOR usage and setup:

  • User Manual - Click this link to view the iPhone ULTRA MONITOR users guide.
  • Server Setup - Click this link to download the server side code and view installation instructions.
  • Support - Click this link for our Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Page.
  • Contact - Click this link to contact us with questions of feature requests.


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