This page provies answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Ultra Monitor Version 2.0 for iPhoneTM/iPadTM and the Ultra Monitor Server-Side code.

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This page is divided into two sections:


FAQ for Ultra Monitor for iPhone/iPad

Q:I just upgraded to version 2.0 and the log for my server(s) says Server sent truncated data.
A:In the server-side configuration file you are most likely using the BLOCK and/or UDID commands to restrict your device by its UDID. We can no longer do this automatically and have changed how this works.

If you need a quick temporary fix, on your device run Ultra Monitor and open up SETTINGS and enter your devices UDID in the Identity field. This shoud resolve the problem and make your device work with the older server-side code.

Once you have time be sure to upgrade to the latest server-side code (Version 1 UPDATED).

In the new code the UDID command has been replaced with a ALLOW command (the UDID command is still available for backward compatibility, but discouraged). On your device, run Ultra Monitor and open SETTINGS. In the Identity field put any string you want. It can only contain numbers and letters and can not start with the word test or debug>.

In your server-side configuration file add BLOCK and/or ALLOW commands with the same Identity string you entered in your device.

Q:Ultra Monitor stops running as soon as I start it or gives a Low Memory warning.
A:Open your devices multitasking bar (double click the Home button) and remove any other apps that may be running. If that does not fix the problem, reboot your device and try again.
Q:I see an alert box complaining about my certificate
A:This indicates that you are accessing your server using HTTPS (SSL), secure protocol. The iPhone has detected a problem with your servers secure certificate (the error should indicate the problem). Usually this means the certificate is not trusted (such as a self-signed certificate) or the certificate has expired. To solve this, replace your certificate with a valid certificate or use HTTP (non-secure) mode instead (edit your servers configuration in the iPhone and set the SECURE switch to HTTP instead of HTTPS).
Q:Ping Diagnostics shows a problem for one of my servers that I know is OK.
A:Ping Diagnostics utilizes a TCP PING (rather than a UDP PING, which are more likely to fail). However, in some situations a router, firewall, or server might be specifically set to block TCP PINGs (usually to discourage ping attacks, etc). Talk to your network administrator or bandwidth haul to see if they are blocking TCP PINGs.
Q:What can I do to increase battery life?
A:Try any of the following tips:

  • Turn "Ping" off in the Ultra Monitor Settings Pane (stops one of two one-second timers)
  • Set a longer, rather than shorter monitor time for your servers.
  • Avoid using BOUNCE mode if you are not looking at the display.
  • Set the iPhone to as dim as possible while still being able to read the display
  • Use only WIFI or Cellular, not both (and turn the other off)
  • Set Location Services off (iPhone Settings, General)
  • Set Bluetooth off (iPhone Settings, General)


FAQ for Ultra Monitor Server-Side Code

Q:The source gives errors when I compile it.
A:Try the following steps in the following order:

  1. Try the other make methods (e.g., make linux, make osx, make solaris)
  2. Contact us and tell us your platform, compiler, and copy/paste the errors you are seeing.


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